ESA Business Incubation Centres (BICS) are the largest network of space incubators in Europe. The main objective of ESA BICs is to support entrepreneurs with a space-based business idea, thereby creating and growing clusters of space related startups  across Europe. 

All ESA BICs are managed by local champions who connect their ESA BICs to their local industry, universities, research organisations, government, and investor communities while also maintaining strong regional/national links. This makes the ESA BICs very well embedded in the local communities as well as the place of choice for all space-related innovation and business. Tapping into this excellence provides rich opportunities to get your product or service market ready and off the ground, and for finding new business partners.

The ESA BICs seek entrepreneurs who develop applications using space-based systems (such as satellite navigation, earth observation, or satellite communication), use space technologies in a non-space domain, and/or who develop innovative products and services for the space sector.

ESA Business Incubation Centres offer you the chance to turn your space related business idea into a commercial company. The incubation programme is fully tailored to suit your start-up needs and your particular domain of application. Benefit from wide network exposure, expert advice, and both technical- and business development guidance.

Take advantage of:

  • Incentive funding of 50,000 EU

  • Unique ESA Technical support as well as expertise from renowned partners

  • Business coaching and legal/IP advice

  • Office space and shared facilities

  • Access to tailored training activities and network support

  • Door opener to international networks, research institutions, and universities

  • Support to access further funding

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