In fall 2024, ESA BIC Denmark, ESA BIC Norway, ESA BIC Estonia and ESA BIC Sweden will host our third Nordic pre-incubation accelerator program called NORDIC LAUNCH. The program is for Nordic space entrepreneurs to create and scale space-related startups using space to benefit the earth.

The goal of NORDIC LAUNCH is to accelerate the growth of new space tech startups to enter into ESA BIC incubation in either ESA BIC Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, or Finland. The ESA BIC program offers a free-of-charge package of business coaching, technical support, and cash incentives of 50.000 EUR during an incubation period of up to 2 years.

 Let’s see how much space is hidden in your innovative business idea!


Please, note that the program is subject to change, and will be updated continuously up to the event. If you have any comments or questions directly to the programme, please contact your local ESA BIC organizer.


All Participants

  • Specialized business development support & technical support.
  • Improve your business through world class workshops & keynotes.  
  • Listen to guest speakers share valuable experiences and knowledge. 
  • Improve your financial strategy and valuation. 
  • Meet the industry and grow your network.
  • Connect wit your local ESA BIC team and get insights in the largest European space innovation network. 


Any Nordic space-related startups from Denmark, Norway, Estonia or Sweden are able to apply or individuals with the intention to set up a space-related startup are welcome to apply for the program. 

We only have a few criteria: 

  1. Your case or business need to have a valid space connection.
  2. You have established a team and posesses a well-defined concept for your startup. 
  3. Your business is registered, or you intend to register it in one of the five participating Nordic countries.
  4. You are committed to completing the program. 


To join Nordic Launch, there is a required participation fee. It’s important to be aware that this fee may vary depending on the country from which you are applying. 

If you are applying from Denmark:  

  • The fee is 100 EUR pr. team. You will receive payment information when you send your application. 
  • The participation fee is only to be paid if your application to Nordic Launch has been approved.
  • If you are a student, you can participate at no cost.
If you are applying from another country please contact your local ESA BIC organizer for information.